Magic Videos

A Short Ring & Rope Routine

How To Make a Red Ball Disappear

During lockdown I’ve been practicing on how to make a red ball disappear. It’s taken quite a lot of attempts and I really thought I’d mastered it and they had gone…

A Short selection of stage & parlor effects

What’s the record?

In these days of self-isolation, we seem to have loads of time on our hands to do all those jobs we never had time to do… Like, clear out that bottom drawer.

I recently found these old 7” Vinyl Singles and remembered how I used to sort them out into types and genres, before these times of Play Lists and digital categorising we now enjoy.

But what’s the secret?

Colour Wash

Day 17 of lockdown. It’s not going very well in the Impossible household at the moment… Apparently, we’re expected to help out with the household chores! Well, we have our own way of doing things and if you don’t like it, then don’t ask us to do them. However, I may be sleeping in the spare room tonight, but it wasn’t my fault…

Photo Montage

A selection of photos of The Impossible Mr Goodwin performing, and it’s not all cards, honest! Photos by Mark Heskeith Jennings Music by Pentamania – Written By Nick Pollard & Jason Burke

What The…

is the reaction from most people when they see what happens to the Jokers, in their hand!

4 5 Twist

A little demonstration of Playing Card Sleight of Hand Magic

Dazzle the Wife

Have you noticed when men go shopping we get what we want, and get out again as quickly as possible… 

Cruise Card

What happens when you’re on a Cruise Ship without any luggage and just your Sea Pass card?

Finger Chopper

I always loved the guillotine effect where you had someone put their head in the blocks, the blade would come down and their head would still be in place… So I decided to make my own version using cards, fingers and thumbs. But, will it work every time? Watch it to the end!!

Let’s Twist Again…

Why not! 4 Aces magically turn over in the pack with just a shake, but keep a close eye on the colour of the backs… what are they? Are you sure? :0)

3 Card Monte

The Classic 3 card monte scam, also known as Find the Lady that’s played on the streets in most Cities around the world.

Rising Aces

Take four aces and put them into the pack, how do you make them rise to the top? How about doing it again, but this time face up so you can see the Aces go into the pack… Is this possible? Find out below.


Take 4 Jacks and the Ace, 2, 3, 4 of Spades… Somehow the Jacks make the Spades vanish! But where did they go and what is there now?