What makes us think?

Why do we sometimes get telepathic feelings?

Are people really that easy to read?

Does anyone care?

These are the things that has always occupied me which I have been on a life-long quest to answer…

Like most children growing up in the 1980’s, I was first introduced to magic by Paul Daniels and began performing tricks from the then very popular Paul Daniels Magic Set.

I started to work in the entertainment industry at the tender age of eighteen as a musician and studying Hypnoses at the London School of Hypnotherapy.

Since then I have performed all over the world including UK and European tours, part of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Headliner show and many corporate, weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties etc…

I am a full and qualified member of The Magic Circle, The South London Magic Society, The Leamington & Warwick Magic Society and Equity.

My magical interests lay in close-up card magic & the psychological and mind-reading side of the art. I also love the classics in magic like cups and balls, sponge balls and rope magic.

My routines can include using cards, numbers, a pen and paper or just eye contact and body language to tell someone exactly what they are thinking, predict what they will say or do or tell someone whether they are lying or telling the truth!

I enjoy full involvement and participation from spectators and encourage everyone to fully engage, have fun and completely experience the magic of our eyes and minds. Everyone and every performance is unique.

That’s why I customise every booking to fit your needs exactly according on your event.

Whether it’s a small or a comprehensive effort, I’ll sit down with you, listen to your requests and requirements and prepare a customised plan.

However, if you can’t be bothered to do all that, I’ll just do my regular stuff and do what I feel will work best.

Corporate Events

Party Nights


Weddings & Parties

Experience the magic first hand

Stage & Parlour

For corporate events, parties or social nights


Social Distanced Mix & Mingle

Close-up magic & mind reading to a small group of people

Social Distanced Close-up Magic

Close-up magic & mind reading at your table before or after a meal

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